You're in the right place! This site has resources for entrepreneurs who are wanting to start a business in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin Small Business Spotlight


Entrepreneur's Business is Out of This World


Laid off from his job in the automotive industry as an engineer, Spencer G. started a business and used his background in software engineering to win a major NASA contract to support the Space Shuttle and Contellation programs. 


Student Creates a Picture Perfect Business


Between having a passion for business and being a talented photographer, Olivia G. decided to start her photography studio  while she continues her studies. 

Thinking About Starting a business?

About us


This guide to starting a buisness in Wisconsin offers resources for entrepreneurs and existing businesses throughout Wisconsin. 

While our site is still under construction, our planned resources will include:

  • Steps to starting a business
  • Finding financing
  • Writing a business plan 
  • Market & industry research
  • How to analyze business financial performance