Kenosha Business Advisors



DOA - Office of Business Development

The Office of Business Development works with business owners, trade associations, affiliated organizations and Chambers of Commerce throughout Wisconsin to ensure business has a seat at the table, advocate for business interests within government and present rule change recommendations to appropriate agency or the Legislature. 

Better Business Bureau Online

The Better Business Bureau provides instant access to business and consumer alerts as well as helpful resources. You can even file a complaint online.

Internal Revenue Service

Get federal tax information and forms faster and easier by using the IRS site. 

Small Business Association (SBA) Online

A wealth of information for businesses. 

DNR Environmental Small Business Assistance Program

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program is a comprehensive set of resources and tools to help a business determine its environmental responsibilities, in regards to complex federal and state regulations. The program also strives to help small businesses take advantage of the opportunities of sustainable practices. Identifying, measuring and managing your environmental impacts can bring tangible business value to companies of all sizes.

Wisconsin Innovation Service Center

New product and investment incentives and market expansion opportunities for innovative manufacturers, technology businesses and independent inventors. 


WMEP provides technical expertise and hands-on implementation assistance to small and midsize manufacturing firms on strategic reposition, lean services, business process excellence, and lean supplier alignment.